Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 139

MR No. 1102—Sowing the Gospel Seed, and Reaping the Harvest; Selfishness, the Root Cause of Evil

[Written from Crystal Springs, St. Helena, California, January 28, 1901, to J. H. Kellogg.]

I received your letter yesterday. Thank you for your advice and counsel. I have not been as well as before I was poisoned by the ill-ventilated meeting rooms for worship, because I have not had time to rest. I have had many letters to write to our people in Australia on matters that deserve immediate attention. In three days before the Australian mail my hand penned 75 pages of letter paper which were copied, and ten which were not copied.

I have kept closely to my room, and though I could walk downstairs I did not consider it advisable. I have thought, Where shall I go to obtain a genuine rest? I cannot go to any church; for then I must speak. How to manage the matter, I know not. When summer comes, I may go to Lake County, in response to an urgent invitation from a wealthy lady, Mrs. Hulburt by name. She is a Sabbathkeeper, and although her husband is not, yet all his sympathies are with her, though he has not made a public profession of religion. Mrs. Hulburt has taken orphan children to her home, with the full consent of her husband. Now, she informs me, she is building a larger house, which will accommodate more children. This house is to be opened in May, and I had promised to visit there then, for I had no thought but that I could do this. But this will have to wait.

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