Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 150

MR No. 1103—Instruction to the Church;

Importance of Walking in the Path of Obedience

I cannot sleep past one o'clock. Things have been presented to me that make me wide-awake. There are dangers that we must avoid. The great principles that Christ has laid down are valid for all time, and from age to age they shed a clear, steady light on the pathway of God's people. Through all eternity these principles will abide.

These principles we are to follow in our work for God, and we are not to mingle with them worldly opinions and practices. We are not to be bound about by worldly plans. The line of demarcation between God's people and the people of the world is ever to be kept unmistakably distinct. But there is danger that this line will become indistinct, that those professing to serve God will allow worldliness to steal into their lives.

We are not to be guided by those who for years have known the truth for this time but have not yielded to its claims. There is danger that professing Christians will come to think that it is necessary for them to conform to the world to a certain extent, in order to have influence with worldlings.

The church is to be built on Jesus Christ, the only true foundation. Let us beware that it is not marred in the building, by the introduction of worthless material that will not bear the test of trial.

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