Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 168

MR No. 1105—Counsel to M. E. Cady and Members of the Healdsburg College Board

M. E. Cady Not to Serve as Adviser to His Successor (Written to M. E. Cady, September 2, 1903, from “Elmshaven,” Sanitarium, California.)—I wrote something in regard to you, the night after you left Healdsburg. Matters were opened before me, and I was instructed that you were correct in your statement to me that it would not be best to have two families serving in the same office of responsibility in the Students’ Home. If Brother Sharpe and his wife should come in to serve in the place formerly occupied by yourself and wife, while you remained as an adviser, confusion would be liable to result.

It might have been appropriate for you to accept the position of adviser, as recommended, if you had kept humble and very near the Lord. But, as I have stated, such a plan is liable to result in confusion and unpleasantness.

There are some things connected with financial matters that must be made perfectly straight before the Board, so that they can act intelligently. When I learned this, I could not see how the plan I proposed could be carried out successfully. You have not stood as you should have done in every respect. At twelve o'clock of the night after you left, I was up writing out some things to you. My heart aches; I feel sad that because of these things, matters cannot be adjusted as I suggested in our conversation at Healdsburg.

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