Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 17

MR No. 1084—Individual Responsibility to Accept Truth; Christ, the Great “I AM”; The Holy Spirit and His Work

(Written February 18 and 19, 1895, at “Norfolk Villa,” Prospect Street, Granville, N.S.W. Part of the manuscript appears to be a letter, but we do not know to whom the letter was addressed. Part seems to be entries in Ellen White's diary.)

We have just sent off a large mail, and I am very, very tired. Elder McCullagh and Brother McCann came in this forenoon and took dinner with us. I was too weary to go [to] the dining room, and a tray was brought to my room, but I ate very lightly. After dinner Brother McCullagh presented several important matters before me for consideration. Among others was the urgent request for me to speak next Sabbath at Ashfield, and next Sunday evening in the tent at Petersham. It is considered necessary for me to speak there quite frequently now. My prayer is that the Lord will strengthen me and imbue me with His Holy Spirit that His name may be glorified by my work. The Lord is very good to me, and I praise His holy name.

Although the work seems to have only just begun in Ashfield, they have pitched the tent at Petersham, two miles nearer Sydney, and hold meetings in it every evening except Saturday. The tent is full every evening. Last Sunday, the collection in Ashfield was six dollars, and the collection in Petersham was something over six dollars. This will go far toward defraying the expense of these meetings.

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