Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 181

MR No. 1108—Look to Jesus, Not to Anna Phillips

(Written November 1, 1893, from Gisborne, New Zealand, to Brother and Sister Rice.)

I have thought I should get time to write to you ere this. Letters have come to me presenting before me the case of Sister Phillips, and inquiries have been made to me what I thought of the matter. I have not felt called out to encourage or condemn so long as I had no special light in reference to this case, but I now feel constrained to write. Matters have been presented before me which I will now mention. I can have time to express the matter only briefly.

Elder Rice and some others were encouraging this sister, to her injury, that she had been ordained of God to do a certain work, and he thought it was his duty to call the attention of the brethren and sisters to this work and present it in a light which leaves the impression upon minds that I have sanctioned or endorsed this work. I have not done this; I have not had the least confidence in her claims or the claims anyone has made in her behalf. I decided to let the matter develop.

But as there is danger of your being deceived and deceiving others by presenting this matter before them, I will say, The Lord has not given you this work to do to impress minds that this is a work which they must receive as from God. You have no duty to present it to the people in this light. My Guide said to you, “Look unto Jesus; receive your light from Jesus; talk of the light He has already given; trust in Jesus.”

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