Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 200

MR No. 1111—The Value of Organization; Avoid Extravagant Expressions; Do Not Call Attention to Writings of Anna Phillips

(Written January 14, 1894, from Melbourne, Victoria, to A. T. Jones.)

I have received letters from some in America stating that you have endorsed Anna Phillips’ revelations, and that you read them to the people, giving the people the impression that you are reading from the testimonies of Sister White; and afterwards they learn that it is an entirely different matter. I want you to consider this carefully, for the Lord has given me light to the effect that the attention of the people is not to be called to Anna Phillips. God has spoken His words through testimonies, and the late claims that Elder Rice is making so much of are not to be presented to the people, for these claims are not true. I am sorry you have done this.

Elder Rice and those who advocate this new source of supposed revelation have not sent a line to me, nor asked me for a word of counsel. They have withheld everything from me, although they are making so much of this matter. Why have they kept this matter so secret? I have given no special attention to this before, because I had confidence in our ministering brethren, and thought they would not catch up such a matter without the most thorough evidence that the Lord had chosen one through whom to work. The spurious and the counterfeit are in the field, and minds must be under the constant control of the Spirit of God in order to detect the counterfeit from the genuine.

I write this to you because I learn that it is reported that you have read her productions in the Battle Creek church. I am surprised that you

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