Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 209

MR No. 1114—The Influence of Evil Business Associates; Practice the Principles of the Word; God is Gracious and Forgiving

(Written June 26, 1902, from Elmshaven, St. Helena, California, to an Adventist businessman.)

I am much distressed in your behalf. I desire so much to see you in the spiritual condition that Christ told Nicodemus he must be in. The words that Christ addressed to him I address to you, “Ye must be born again.” When you are born again, everything you do will be done with an eye single to the glory of God. You will work with all humility of mind, and in thorough distrust of self. You have valuable traits of character which, when your heart is sanctified, will make you a useful Christian.

In many respects your course in years past has not been straight, and will not bear the test of investigation. When associated with worldly businessmen, you spent your money freely, conferring favors that did them no good and proved of no benefit to yourself. Men whose minds were full of dishonest schemes flattered you and laid their temptations before you. You were puffed up by their flattery, and in your connection with them you gained an experience of which, when you see it as it is, you will feel greatly ashamed. In conversation and practice you were one with these men. You did not enter fully into their schemes, but you tampered with that which, if carried into practice, would have made you as guilty as they were.

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