Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 269

MR No. 1116—A Union of Ministerial and Medical Missionary Work Essential

In the night season I am laboring earnestly with persons who do not seem to understand that in the providence of God the medical missionary work is to be as the right hand of the body. Some utterly fail to realize the importance of missionaries being also medical missionaries. A gospel minister will be twice as successful in his work if he understands how to treat disease.

Continually increasing light has been given me on this subject. Some, who do not see the advantage of educating the youth to be physicians both of the mind and of the body, say that the tithe should not be used to support medical missionaries, who devote their time to treating the sick.

In response to such statements as these, I am instructed to say that the mind must not become so narrowed down that it cannot take in the truth of the situation. A minister of the gospel, who is also a medical missionary, who through Christ can cure physical ailments as well as minister in spiritual things, is a much more efficient worker than one who cannot do this. His work as a minister of the gospel is much more complete.

For many years I have been gathering rays of divine light on this subject. Let those who are being educated for the ministry receive an education in medical missionary lines. It is of great advantage to the minister of the gospel who expects to go to foreign fields that he should have a

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