Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 283

MR No. 1121—Meetings in Washington, D. C.; The Need of the Holy Spirit; Final Events

(Written December 22, 1890, from Washington, D. C., to “Dear Children, Edson, Emma, and Willie.”)

We left Lynn, December 18, Thursday evening. We had all the help we needed in getting us to Boston and on board the sleeper. As the price for one berth was three dollars the entire distance to Washington, Sarah decided to save the three dollars and go into the day coach. The porter told her not [to] go into the day coach, as there were several berths unoccupied. He told her [that] after the sleeping car conductor had taken his berth, he would make her up a berth. This she refused to accept. She told him it would not be strictly honest and she would take her chances in the day coach. The porter then went to the conductor and talked with him, and the conductor then asked her to remain. They did not make her up a berth but gave her two seats to make herself as comfortable as she could. She slept well through the night. I did not sleep as well as usual, for my arms would become almost paralyzed with the hard bed. I was obliged to rub them and work over them, for they seemed about helpless.

We had beautiful weather. The air was cool and bracing, and the cars were not overheated. We found in the morning we could not reach Washington on time at eleven o'clock, for we were three hours behind time. We tarried one hour in Baltimore and reached Washington at three o'clock p.m. As there was no one to meet us, the porter secured a hack, and the hackman took us to

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