Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 289

MR No. 1122—The Lack of Unity a Cause of Failure

To those who were working in ______: Dear Brethren: The question has often presented itself to my mind, Why has the labor put forth in _____at such large expense brought such limited results? There is an answer to this question. The Lord has been pleased to reveal to me that the same efforts put forth in another place, by the same persons and in the same spirit, would have brought the same results. The Lord could not give victory while those who taught the truth to unbelievers did not themselves practice that word. The Spirit of God was not cherished, and that union which should exist among God's workmen, was not seen. Disaffection was working, and criticism was heard. The workers got in each other's way. Some earnestly desired to tell what “I did” and how “I labored,” but said nothing which would show what their fellow workmen had done.

By standing apart and yielding to suspicions of evil, by cherishing envy and jealousy, the workers have opened a door through which Satan entered. God's holy name was greatly dishonored, and the work that needed to be done for the people could not go forward, because of the spirit manifested.

Those who are engaged in the sacred work of opening the Word of God to others, must be sure that they themselves are eating and digesting that Word. They must watch over themselves, weeding from heart and character the

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