Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 312

MR No. 1125—Edson White and Health Reform

(Written May 25, 1869, from Battle Creek, Michigan, to “Dear son Edson.”)

My writing will not be very good, for one eye is bandaged because of acute inflammation. But as Brother McDearman is going, I can send by him. I will say a few words.

We feel very anxious for you. We are desirous that you should form a good, Christian character, and be approved of God. We hope that new scenes will not interest and engross your mind so that you will neglect the great salvation dearly purchased for you by the Son of God. We hope you will show true principle [even though you are] now away from us. We have in diet been strict to follow the light the Lord has given us. You are acquainted with that light, and we trust you will have the fear of the Lord continually before you and will respect the light He has given and be no less strict than we have been.

I have feared for you as I have marked how little control you have had over your appetite and your desires. I have mourned in secret over it, and have prayed the Lord to enlighten your mind and quicken your conscience that it might be sensitive and tender, susceptible to the influence of the Spirit.

We have advised you not to eat butter or meat. We have not had it on our table. I should hope you would feel that we had advised you for your good and not to deprive you of these things because of any notions of your own.

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