Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 318

MR No. 1127—Helping the Needy; Reporting on Christmas Activities; Importance of a Living Connection With God

(Written December 26, 1878, from Denison, Texas, to “Dear Family at Battle Creek—Willie, Mary, Aunt Mary, Edith, Addie and May, and Brother and Sister Sawyer.”)

I suppose you will be interested to know how we spent Christmas. The day before Christmas, we went to town, and it was tediously cold. I suffered with cold. I never remember of its being much colder in Michigan. But Brother Moore's people were living in a tent and were very uncomfortable. We were determined he should not live thus, and we commenced to bring about a change. We moved them into Sister Bahler's old house, which was very open but better than a tent, for several nights. We had divided our bedding with them to keep them from suffering.

We then went to the city and purchased for them flour, white and graham; sugar, a bone of meat, butter out of the question. We laid out $10 for clothing to make them comfortable, and necessary furniture to get along. I will tell you everything they had for breakfast—a few corn gems and a little beef suet fat. Not a chair; a straw bed and a comfortable laid over it. The children had an old rug and blanket laid under them. Sister Moore had no shoes, no comfortable clothing. He had no pants fit to be seen.

Christmas morning we all took breakfast together—James Cornell; Florence and Clara, their two girls; Brother and Sister Moore and their three children; Sister Bahler and Etta, a girl living with them; and Sister Daniells, our cook, Father, and myself. We had a quarter of venison cooked,

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