Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 32

There are those who are in danger of bringing into the work the objectionable sentiments received in former education. They need to practice the principles laid down in the Word, else the work will be marred and spoiled by their preconceived ideas. When we work with all the sanctified ability God has given us, when we put aside our will for the will of God, when self is crucified day by day, then actual results are seen. We move forward in faith, knowing that our Lord has promised to undertake the work entrusted to Him, and that He will accomplish it; for He never makes a failure.

The Lord's servants are merely stewards at work. The Lord's part of the work is to do that which is entrusted to Him when His followers surrender themselves to Him to be worked by the Holy Spirit. When by faith men place themselves in the Lord's hands, saying, “Here am I; send me,” He undertakes this work. He does that which is entrusted to Him. But men must get out of the Lord's way. They must not hinder His purposes by their devising.

For years the Lord has had a controversy with His people because they have followed their own judgment, and have not relied on divine wisdom. If the workers get in God's way, hindering the advancement of the work, thinking that their own brain power is sufficient for the planning and carrying forward of the great work, the Lord will correct their error. By His divine Spirit He disciplines and trains every worker. He shapes His own providences to carry forward His work according to His mind and judgment.

If men would only humble themselves before God, if they would not exalt their judgment as the all-controlling influence, if they would make room for

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