Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 322

MR No. 1128—W. C. White and Healthful Living

(Written February 15, 1874, from Santa Rosa, California, to “My Dear Clarence [Willie].”)

I will write you a few lines this evening by lamplight. I have been some troubled in regard to your health. How is it, my son? Do you have physical exercise? This is very important that some burden should come on your physical strength as well as on your mental. We do not want you to come out a dyspeptic.

You cannot live too plainly when you are studying so constantly. Your father and I have dropped milk, cream, butter, sugar, and meat entirely since we came to California. We are far clearer in mind and far better in body. We live very plainly. We cannot write unless we do live simply. Your father bought meat once for May while she was sick, but not a penny have we expended on meat since. We have the most excellent fruit of all kinds. Do you want we should send you some figs? How is your clothing? Let us know just how you are feeling; and is your clothing well taken care of? Are you happy?

We want you to write as often as you can, for we are so anxious to hear from you. Father thinks sometimes that he ought not to have come to California but remained in Battle Creek. Do you think so? You know what fears we have had in regard to his stay in Battle Creek. If all were well with Father, I would rather be in Battle Creek than in any other place, but

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