Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 52

MR No. 1090—Comfort in Time of Bereavement

(Written March 18, 1850, to Leonard W. Hastings, of New Ipswich, NH.)

I hardly know what to say to you. The news of your wife's death was to me overwhelming. I could hardly believe it and can hardly believe it now. God gave me a view last Sabbath night which I will write.

I saw [that] God gave Brother A a dream which, if he had followed, he would have been with you in your wife's distress; and if Brother B had not been with him he would have gone to God alone, and he would have seen by the dream and by the drawings of the Spirit that he must come directly to your house when Satan had gotten your wife in his grasp, and by faith in God would have wrenched her from the power of the enemy. But he leaned upon Brother B some for duty and followed his impressions instead of the light God gave him in the dream.

I saw it was for no wrong of yours that she was taken away, but if Brother A had come directly to your house she would have been rescued from the grasp of the enemy.

I saw [that] they did wrong in afflicting the afflicted by reproving you for having the funeral on the Sabbath. I saw they had better been looking at themselves and seeing where they had erred from the path of duty that God had marked out for them to go in.

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