Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 55

MR No. 1091—Preach God's Word, Not Fanciful, Imaginary Doctrines

(Written December 15, 1899, to S. N. Haskell and G. A. Irwin.)

I have just read your letters, and I will now try to write to you. The things of which you write [see note following p. 10.] are simply foolish imaginings which are presented to the people. The teachers who cherish them need to learn anew the principles of our faith. They need to be thoroughly converted. To make the statements they make, and hold the notions they hold, is like descending from the highest elevation to which the truth of the Word takes men, to the lowest level. God is not working with such men. Having lost the grand truths of the Word of God, which center in the third angel's message, they have supplied their place with fables. When they sink the shaft deeper into the quarries of truth, their lips will not utter the statements they have uttered in the past, statements which have no foundation in the Word of God.

The Lord has declared what is truth. He has made plain the difference between truth and error. Truth is sensible, genuine; it bears the signature of Heaven. Those who sow tares among the wheat are not true workers, and they should leave the work for sensible men.

My brethren, there is need of encouraging elevated principles. Those who cherish and advocate fanciful ideas need to be taught what is truth before they attempt to teach others. Man-made theories and suppositions are

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