Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 66

MR No. 1092—A Rewarding Visit With Uriah Smith

(Written January 9, 1891, at Battle Creek, Michigan.)

Home again. We found all well at home. The meetings in Washington were excellent, and every meeting seemed to increase in interest. Every succeeding meeting was pronounced the best. I spoke eight times in Washington with perfect freedom. I commenced to speak on the Sabbath, and ended the Sabbath following. We had a most blessed, powerful meeting on the last Sabbath. As in Danvers, nearly all in the house presented themselves for prayers. The presence of the Lord was in the meetings held, and the church was greatly strengthened and increased in faith and courage.

We visited Baltimore on Sunday, in a small hall with much freedom. We returned at night, and I was very sick with heart difficulty. All became alarmed, and thought it best for me to return at once to Battle Creek. We arrived here on Tuesday, December 30. That night I was in great agony of soul all night for Elder Smith. It seemed to me that unless he made confessions now he never would come to the light. I could not sleep but prayed with all my heart and soul for the Lord to correct him by His Holy Spirit, and break the spell that had so long held him from taking right positions.

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