Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 76

MR No. 1094—Leaders to be Under the Discipline of God; Christ's Power can Transform Human Nature

(Written January 2, 1894, from Melbourne, Australia, to Jacob Christiansen, captain of the mission ship Pitcairn.)

I send you a copy of the letter written to a brother in New Zealand. I have endeavored to press this matter through although there has been much going on in moving from the school building to the campground five miles from there. The camp meeting grounds are six times as large as the grounds upon which we held our meeting in Wellington, and there are more than six times as many campers on the ground. Thus far our meetings have been excellent. There is a good, cheerful spirit manifested. Oh, that the Lord would manifest His power in this meeting!

My brother, I did not feel altogether free to let you continue your voyage without writing to you upon some important points in regard to your attitude, and with regard to the feelings you manifested upon the vessel. If you had realized that Jesus Christ was on that vessel as a witness to every word spoken by you, if you had realized that every action was registered in the books of heaven, would you have said and done the things which you have said and done? I am sure you would not. Did you take into consideration that you had on board that vessel the messengers who were to bear a message as God's missionaries to the people who sit in darkness?

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