Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 9

MR No. 1083—An Appeal to Yield to the Entreaties of the Holy Spirit, Obey God Fully, and Share in Christ's Spirit of Self-Denial and Sacrifice

(Written January 11, 1893, to N. D. Faulkhead.)

I am troubled in regard to you, for you are not walking in the light as the Lord permits it to shine upon your pathway. The Word of God is given as our guide, but you have not made that Word the book of your study. You have allowed other things to occupy your mind, and you have not disciplined yourself to search the Scriptures. Now, after being for years in the truth, you are ignorant of the very things you ought to know. You have not an experimental knowledge of God or of Jesus Christ, whom He hath sent.

The work of your salvation and mine depends wholly upon ourselves, for it rests with us to accept the provision that has been made for us. God has done everything for us that a God can do. Christ has purchased you with His own blood; He has paid the ransom money, that you might be united with God and separated from sin and sinners. When the heart is opened to Christ, the Holy Spirit will work in it with mighty, renewing power. But in order that we may be laborers together with God, there must be on our part an entire surrender to God. We must, to the extent of our ability, devote ourselves to Him, straining every spiritual sinew, and as faithful soldiers doing service for Christ.

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