Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 14 [Nos. 1081-1135], Page 275

but in holding forth the word of life. One warning from God in this direction should be enough. But you have been repeatedly instructed in regard to your line of duty. I do not say that you should remain in the South. It may be that the atmosphere is too trying for your strength. I do not say [that you should] come to me. I say, Seek the Lord; ask of Him, and do His bidding.

One thing I have light upon is that God has plainly told you your duty. When your strong inclination has carried you contrary to the Lord's expressed will, you have lost confidence in yourself. There is a hard and bitter fight with temptation for you, but it is no use to let go your hold of faith, and let the spirit go out of you. How could I stand up under it if I should do anything that would bring shame to my soul? I have to hold constantly by faith, and pray, and believe, that I may receive.

The Master has called you to a work, and this work is to seek and to save that which is lost. Overwhelmed with a sense of your possibilities and probabilities, I awoke at a very early hour, and commenced my writing. You need to hold communion with God. Unless your soul is uplifted to Him, and you lay all your wants before Him, you will not feel that courage, that strength, and that sustaining hold upon His precious comfort and power that will bring His peace into your soul. Say to yourself, if I have not a broken and contrite heart, I shall not experience the promise: “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit; to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”

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