Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 1

Manuscript Releases Volume Fifteen [Nos. 1136-1185]

A Word of Explanation

When Ellen White died in 1915, she left her manuscripts and letters in the custody of a small group of ministers and administrators in the Seventh-day Adventist Church whom she had appointed to serve as Trustees of her estate. As the years passed, these Trustees and their successors became increasingly aware of the potential usefulness to the church of this gold mine of unpublished materials. Procedures were developed whereby church entities, or even individuals, could request the “release” of specified excerpts from Ellen White's writings for use in books, articles, class lectures, or sermons. For details of the release process the reader is referred to the preface to Manuscript Releases, vol. 1.

As in the earlier volumes, materials currently available elsewhere in published form have not been included in the present volume. In a few cases materials under consideration and assigned a release number were not processed. And the number was not reassigned. Until 1983, only the excerpts requested for public use were “released.” Starting with Manuscript Release No. 970, the White Estate began “releasing” entire letters or manuscripts, so far as possible, even if only particular paragraphs were requested.

Copy for this volume has been sent to the publisher camera-ready, which means that any typographical mistakes or other inaccuracies which may appear are the responsibility of the White Estate, not the publisher.

We take pleasure in making these materials available in this form, and trust that the counsels, warnings, and principles put forth by the author will bring a blessing to every reader.

The Trustees of the.

Ellen G. White Estate.

Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation
Manuscript ReleasePage
1136 Included in Manuscript Release No. 1184.
1137 Exalt and Praise God at Camp Meetings1
1138 Plans for Church Buildings; How to Secure the Best Soul Winning Results from Camp Meetings6
1139 To Be No Controversies at Camp Meeting; Hold Camp Meeting Near Site of Previous Year's Meeting10
1140 Image to Beast Formed Before Close of Probation12
1141 Cautions About Making Doctrinal Differences Prominent; Contemplating the Marvels and Mysteries of the Incarnation18
1142 Physicians Are Reformers and Are Follow Christ's Example; The Sabbath a Sign; The Importance of Attention to Little Things29
1143 Under Most Circumstances, Children Should Be Part of the Home Firm While Attending School43
1144 Care To Be Exercised in Making Changes in Textbooks and Other Matters in School; Helping Inexperienced Teachers47
1145 Productivity of the Soil at Avondale; Workers for God Must Be Thoroughly Converted and Be One With Christ54
1146 Public Evangelism To Be Conducted by Team of Two Ministers59
1147 More Ministers Needed Who Have the Ability to Serve as Evangelists61
1148 Ellen G. White and The Apocrypha65
1149 E. G. White Materials in The Early Years, by A. L. White
1150 Speculation in Lands and Mines68
1151 Work the Cities; Talk Faith; Do Not Be Discouraged76
1152 The Message of 1888; An Appeal for Unity; The Need for the Indwelling Christ80
1153 Deaths on Pitcairn Island95
1154 Value of the Soul; Importance of the Will; Christ's Intercession in the Heavenly Sanctuary97
1155 The Danger of Extravagance in Illustrating Our Books105
1156 Overuse of Pictures a Species of Idolatry114
1157 Both Young Teachers and Older Ones Are Needed118
1158 Biblical Counsel on Solving Church Difficulties124
1159 Treatment of the Erring172
1160 How to Deal With Those Who Have Faults200
1161 Should Our Youth Go To Battle Creek?203
1162 Satan's Power is Broken Through Prayer207
1163 Letter From Paris, Maine, November 1850210
1164 Different Talents Are Needed in the Ministry214
1165 Heaven's Judgments on the Wicked; God's People Sealed217
1166 The General Conference Relocation; The Book of Daniel; Elder Haskell's Work and Wages227
1167 Counsel and Reproof231
1168 More Souls May Be Won by Camp Meetings Than By Gospel Wagons; The Importance of Providing Church Buildings for New Converts250
1169 Instruction to Believers253
1170 Right Preparation for Medical Missionary Work258
1171 Encouragement for One who Had Been Bereaved265
1172 Included in Manuscript Release No 1349
1173 E. G. White Materials Cited in a Paper by Gary Krause on the History of Adventist Work in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Available at the White Estate.
1174 The Motive Determines the Quality of the Act269
1175 Disagreements Concerning College View270
1176 False Humility271
1177 E. G. White Material Appearing in Ellen White and Vegetarianism, by Roger Coon. Available at Adventist Book Centers.
1178 Building and Managing Sanitariums and Other Health Institutions272
1179 The Evil of Rebellion286
1180 Put Away Differences; Love One Another; Proclaim the Truth294
1181 Counsel Relating to the Work in Los Angeles and the Paradise Valley Sanitarium312
1182 A Caution Against Heavy Investment in Food Manufacture318
1183 Testimony for Monterey, Michigan326
1184 Building a Meetinghouse at Avondale; How to Make Camp Meetings Productive; Nathaniel Davis and Demon Possession338
1185 The European Missionary Council345

MR No. 1136—Included in Manuscript Release No. 1184

MR No. 1137—Exalt and Praise God at Camp Meetings

(Written September 28, 1897, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W., to A. G. Daniells.)

I received your letter this afternoon. We are pleased that you have found grounds for the camp meeting. Our only fear is that you will be limited for space. I cannot see where you will find room to erect the large tent, the buildings necessary, and the family tents. It is altogether the smallest ground I have ever heard of for a camp meeting.

In reference to the question you asked me, I consider it an altogether different matter. You have had your printing establishment long enough in North Fitzroy. This has given character and standing and influence to our cause there. The showing in Melbourne is altogether different from that in Sydney. With your printing press you have opportunity to publish anything you deem essential, without long delay or large expense, to meet any emergency that may arise. I would say, Follow your convictions. You have altogether a different community in those who have embraced the truth. There are many composing the number who claim to believe the truth whose judgment is too limited to carry through any large work intelligently in the line you propose to do in Melbourne. I have nothing, not one drawback to your plans, in the light that the Lord has given me. All my fear is that there will not be that humble, contrite spirit that would insure the blessing of God.

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