Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 203

Mr No. 1161—Should Our Youth Go To Battle Creek?

[Battle Creek College was moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan, in the summer of 1901. However, in 1903, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg reopened Battle Creek College in the city of Battle Creek. His intention was that the school should continue to serve as a feeder institution for his medical school, the American Medical Missionary College. Ellen White strongly opposed Dr. Kellogg in this action and urged our young people no longer to look to Battle Creek for their college or medical education.]

[Written October 28, 1905, from St. Helena, California.]

As God's messenger I am to say to our people that we are not to encourage our youth to go to Battle Creek to receive an education. Fathers, mothers, the souls of your children are precious, and the warnings God has given that young men and young women should not be drawn to Battle Creek have now twice as much force as they had in the past.

The leading men who have taken a position directly against these warnings are strengthening one another to make of no effect the light God has given. Resistance after resistance to the movements that have been made against centering in Battle Creek will yet be seen. There are men teaching the Bible who have given up the truth they once believed and taught. They are teaching errors. The Lord is not pleased with this showing. He has mercifully placed in our possession several properties that can be used for sanitarium work, because He desires it to be seen that plants are made in many places.

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