Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 207

MR No. 1162—Satan's Power is Broken Through Prayer

[Written August 15, 1850, from Centerport, New York, to Brother and Sister Stockbridge Howland in Topsham, Maine.]

I send this vision to you for you to read to the church in Topsham. Brother Rhodes came here last Tuesday which is just one week ago today. We were glad to see him. He has just got out a new chart. It is larger than any chart I ever saw; it is very clear. We like his chart much.

My babe had been very sick for about a week. We had prayer for him and he was some better and we thought he would recover. Tuesday, p.m., James and myself went to Port Byron with Brother Rhodes. He was to take a canal boat and go on his way to Michigan. It seemed as though we could hardly let him go. We knew not why we felt so.

On our way home it seemed to me that Satan had stepped in and was troubling Edson. We found it even so; we found the child at the point of death. James took his horse and carriage and started to overtake Bro. Rhodes. He went five miles, overtook him and brought him back. That night they prayed for Edson and he has come up very fast since. Satan wanted to hinder the work of the Lord, so he afflicted the child but he was beaten back by faith in God and His name shall have the glory.

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