Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 231

MR No. 1167—Counsel and Reproof

(Written November 12, 1873, from Battle Creek, Michigan, to Elder and Mrs. D. M. Canright.)

I have felt for some time that I ought to write you, but have not found the time. I have arisen at half past five o'clock in the morning, helped Lucinda wash dishes, have written until dark, then done necessary sewing, sitting up until near midnight; yet we have not gotten sick. I have done the washings for the family after my day's writing was done. I have frequently been so weary as to stagger like an intoxicated person, but, praise the Lord, I have been sustained.

Since I have come to Battle Creek, I have felt more strongly upon the matter of writing to you. As I reflect upon your visit with us, it is most painful to my feelings, and I feel it to be my duty to write to you. The testimony published in regard to your case is none too strong. I have read and re-read the testimony of reproof many times, and as I read I see that upon some points I have not presented your case as strongly as it was presented to me in vision. I fear that you do not see yourselves, and I fear that you will have to go over the ground again unless you search more closely and discern your failings, and decidedly reform.

If I have time I will write you in regard to some things in your letter of charges to my husband, which I read for the first time about three weeks since. As I read, and as I reflected upon your deportment with us, I felt that I must speak plainly to you. I would not, as I now view your case, suppress a single syllable of the truth.

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