Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 294

MR No. 1180—Put Away Differences; Love One Another; Proclaim the Truth

(Written January 9, 1893, from George's Terrace, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, to Elder William Ings.)

This afternoon I had a long conversation with Brother Foster, a member of the Prahran church, who is in perplexity and trial. He is a tailor by trade, and is a first-class workman. Before accepting the truth he had a position that commanded $30 a week. When he began to keep the Sabbath, he was permitted to retain his position, losing only the day's wages for the Sabbath. He is a man of good address, and has good ability to teach the truth. He left his position and went into the field as a laborer, but was sent alone into a hard field, and became discouraged and confused, and almost fell under the delusive power of Satan.

At the conference one year ago he had a conversation with me. He became free; the meeting did him good. He has since moved to Melbourne, and works at his trade and leads the meetings in Prahran. But in the present depression of business he is in close circumstances; and being in poor health, with a large family, he has become much discouraged, and in this state of mind Satan has pressed temptation and darkness upon him. For weeks he has been in sore trial, and today he came to tell me his troubles.

He says he knew so little of the testimonies he did not understand the relation they sustained to the cause. Some time since while he was in perplexity asking the Lord for light, he had a very striking dream. He saw Sister White in a boat riding on the billows, which were sending the spray

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