Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 326

MR No. 1183—Testimony for Monterey, Michigan

While at Battle Creek, Michigan [December 23, 1860?], I was shown in vision the state of God's people in Monterey. I saw that a great work must be done for many of them in order for the Lord to be glorified in the midst of His people. Those who do not make an effort to arise and zealously repent of lukewarmness and backslidings, God will spew out of his mouth. The time has come for God's people to arise. They have had warning upon warning, which, for the time being, has had an effect, but, not realizing their danger and making thorough work, they slide back again into the same indifferent, careless state. There are things in the church which must be corrected, for God is displeased with His people.

Those who have earthly possessions will have a work to do, a sacrifice to make. Their temptations and trials will come on account of their property. Satan and evil angels are zealously at work to encourage in them a selfish disposition, a love of the world. This can be overcome only by watchfulness and prayer. There is danger, danger on every hand, with those who have earthly possessions—danger of their loving them too well, danger of claiming as their own what God has only lent them to advance His work upon the earth. When the truth is presented in its clearness and is brought to bear upon the heart, some, while under the warming, quickening influence of the Spirit of God, get the sacrifice almost on the altar. But they do not consecrate all fully to God, and as the saving influence of the truth wears away they lose the spirit of sacrifice, the strong foe again obtains

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