Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 345

MR No. 1185—The European Missionary Council

[See A. L. White, The Lonely Years, pp. 299-315; Also, D. A. Delafield, Ellen G. White in Europe, pp. 66-85].

(Written September 18 to 26, 1885, from Basle, Switzerland, to G. I. Butler.)

I attended the morning meeting. There was quite a large gathering of Germans, French, Italians, and English. The prayers were offered in all these languages. The Lord was near to bless His people. My heart was drawn out in earnest supplication that this meeting might be the beginning of better days for the laborers in these fields and for all assembled. I pleaded earnestly with God that heavenly wisdom might be given to everyone engaged in the work, that at this important council the Spirit of Jesus would soften and subdue hearts. I had the assurance of His word and Spirit that the Lord would hear and would answer our prayers. Nearly all our American brethren bore good testimonies, as did also Elders Matteson and Oyen.

I have had testimonies for this people especially on the necessity of love and unity. I have felt urged by the Spirit of God to keep before them the necessity of being teachable, easy to be entreated; that it was entirely out of place for Christ's servants to be self-sufficient and independent. I have tried to impress upon them that we are individually bound together in the web of humanity, and all that we do has relation to others, and any one

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