Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 43

MR No. 1143—Under Most Circumstances, Children Should Be Part of the Home Firm While Attending School

(Written July 13, 1910, from Sanitarium, California, to Elder C. McReynolds.) 15MR 43

My attention has been called to a letter from you to W. C. White, in which you speak of some school problems which are perplexing you. It seems that some teachers think that none of the children and young people whose parents live in the vicinity of a school should have school privileges unless they live with their teachers in the school home. This is to me a new and strange idea. 15MR 43.1

There are young people whose home influences have been such that it would be greatly to their advantage to live for a time in a well regulated school home. And for those who live where they must of necessity leave their own homes in order to enjoy school privileges, the school homes are a great blessing. But the parental home where God is feared and obeyed, is, and ever should be, the best place for young children where, under the proper training of their parents, they may enjoy the care and discipline of a religious family, administered by their own parents. 15MR 43.2

The Lord has given children to their parents as a most solemn charge. The parents should watch over the souls of their children as those that must 15MR 43.3

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