Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 6

MR No. 1138—Plans for Church Buildings; How to Secure the Best Soul Winning Results from Camp Meetings

(Written November 21, 1897, from Stanmore, N.S.W., to “Brother Evans.”)

I have [had] but [a] few minutes’ conversation with W.C.W. since his return to Australia. We met him in Stanmore at our camp meeting. This meeting was indeed a meeting of great interest, and the interest is being followed up as well as can be done to bind off the work here in Sydney. There must be no lax movements done, after an interest has been created in any place. There has been a house selected as a home in every way appropriate for the workers. Some are engaged in selling papers, small books, and pamphlets, and others who are experienced—Brother and Sister Haskell, Brother and Sister Starr, and Brother Baker—are engaged in meetings and holding Bible readings, and calling on the people as they are invited.

About 20 have taken their stand upon the Sabbath question; others are deciding. I came down here last Friday. For the past three weeks I have been very sick. My sickness was caused by overwork at the camp meeting. On Sabbath I ventured to speak in the tent. A hot wave had just passed over New South Wales, and the heat seemed as if it was coming from a burning furnace; yet the Lord gave me strength, and last night I rested in sleep.

This morning [I arose] at my usual [time]—at three o'clock—[and] I am writing these lines. I thank the Lord that I am being strengthened. This morning the atmosphere is cooler. There is work enough for 12 earnest

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