Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 68

MR No. 1150—Speculation in Lands and Mines

(Written January 7, 1890, at Battle Creek, Michigan.) 15MR 68

Dealing in mining stocks is a snare to any of our brethren who invest in them. And buying and selling city lots, selling the lots at figures far above their real value, is another species of robbery. It is not lawful business. It may meet the world's standard, but it cannot meet the standard of an impartial God. These are Satan's traps, laid to catch souls. Our safeguard in all business transactions is the love and fear of God. 15MR 68

There are in our world today the same dishonest practices that prevailed before the Flood swept the world of its pollution, and that prevailed in Sodom before the wicked inhabitants of this city were consumed by fire from heaven. Satan will devise dream-like prospects of great gain. Thus he seeks to enlist men in his service and to engross their attention with the things of the world. Representations are made that are positively untrue. 15MR 68.1

Many unwary souls are beguiled and made an easy prey as they listen to the voice of a minister, which they have heard proclaiming the truth, now presenting the great advantage of speculating in land and mines. By the exaggerated accounts presented to the people, money that ought to flow into the treasury of God just when it is needed is diverted to other purposes. Investments in mines and land are described as a sure unfailing source of gain; and to obtain means for the cause is the plea. The glowing descriptions have led God-loving, 15MR 68.2

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