Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 80

MR No. 1152—The Message of 1888; An Appeal for Unity; The Need for the Indwelling Christ

(Written September 19, 1892, from North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, to Elder Uriah Smith.)

You have written to me in regard to what shall be done with the article addressed to the Battle Creek church. I answer, Do with it as you think best, using it as you judge it will best serve the cause of God. Please follow your own judgment as to the disposal of anything I may write from henceforth, unless I give special directions concerning it. After it serves the special purpose for which it was written, you may drop out the personal matter and make it general, and put it to whatever use you may think best for the interests of the cause of God. As you say, we are far separated, and two or three months must pass before communications can be answered however important may be their character, therefore it is best not to wait [for] my decisions on matters of this kind, especially when your judgment is evidently in harmony with what is best, and something to which I could have no objection.

I feel the deepest interest in matters occurring at the great heart of the work. I know that the present is a most important time, for events of vital import to us will rapidly follow, and matters cannot stand still in our world for a long period. There are great things to be done that will require time. Oh, if the people claiming to believe the most solemn truth ever given to man would but act in a manner corresponding to their faith, we would not see the great lack that now exists.

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