Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 313

be His disciples. There will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done will be passed by, and the heavenly messengers will work with those who are called the common people, fitting them to carry the truth to many places. Now is the time for us to awake and do what we can.

I have received a letter from Brother Burrill of Canada, in which he speaks of the Sunday question that is soon to be met there. He says that they especially need Brother Robinson to help them in meeting this issue. He is a native-born Canadian, and can be a great help to them at this time.

Brother Burrill has written to me because he understood that I had encouraged Brother Robinson to come to San Diego. At first I could remember nothing in regard to the matter. But after I received Brother Ballenger's letter stating that Brother Robinson was expected in San Diego soon to act as business manager of the Sanitarium, I remember that Brother Robinson was one whose name had been mentioned in some of our councils. I think he was presented as one who was not well, and who needed a change of climate. I asked if he was qualified to act as manager. When it was stated that he seemed to have the qualifications necessary for the place, I think I said, “Then by all means let him come.” But I did not present this as light that had been given me by the Lord. It was merely my personal judgment, formed from your presentation of the case.

Brother Burrill also stated that Elder W. W. Simpson is a Canadian, and that such men as he are needed in Canada. He seems to think that it is not right that Elder Simpson should be held in Los Angeles. I know nothing in regard to Elder Simpson's case, except that he has been used by the Lord in

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