Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 273

I attended our camp meetings. I tried to set the condition of things before our people and, besides that, wrote to several for means, either to loan or to donate. One of these returned answer that his means was invested in the sanitarium in Ohio, and he could do nothing. Of some ten letters that we sent, only one was responded to. Brother Smouse, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, sent one hundred dollars.

The building of health institutions is in itself well enough, if the matter has been duly considered, if there has been prayerful, thoughtful investigation of the subject, and if those who enter upon the enterprise are discerning, careful, prayerful managers, and they begin to build, fully counting the cost, so they know whether they are able to finish that which they enter upon.

Have these brethren in Ohio unselfishly looked to God for light and for wisdom how to invest, as wise stewards, the Lord's money for the upbuilding of His cause and the advancement of His kingdom? Have they decided that the Lord's means was in their hands? Or have they followed their own inclination, and in the place of selling and giving alms, or, in short, investing in the very work that is most essential to open the Word of God to all nations, tongues, and peoples, have they invested their means where they will be sure to get either honor or returns? The Judgment will reveal the matter as it is. Every man's work will be tested and proved by the Lord.

If small institutions can be built in some localities, and there are discreet men and women to conduct these institutions, then we will say, Let them be built, if in so doing the cause is not in any way crippled for means to send missionaries to foreign countries, according to the

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