Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 15 [Nos. 1136-1185], Page 287

special help. Well, that burden I carried for a long time until Brethren Miller and Woods again united with the office. Then, on coming home, we found that an element was at work here in the influence of Brother Shannan and wife. They had done all they possibly could not only in Cooranbong but in other places, to disparage the work done.

Brother Lawrence united with Brother Shannan to complain, and to use his aftersight rather than his foresight. He revealed himself as the most selfish, penurious, money-loving man that I have ever had any knowledge of. We could do nothing with them. What Brother Lawrence would confess one day he would take back the next. This influence was carried to Africa by Brother Shannan, and Hardy united with Shannan to make everything at Cooranbong appear as black as night. I have written hundreds of pages to set forth the truth as it is.

Then came the apostasy in Adelaide. I cared not for anything they might say against me, as far as myself was concerned; but I cared for the flock of God, whom they were feeding with falsehood and leading in strange paths. And I cared for their own souls. At the family altar I prayed for them and for the poor souls deceived by them. I prayed for them in the silent watches of the night. I kept these matters before the Lord.

Thus one perplexity after another kept coming in until I am completely exhausted with heart trouble. It seemed sometimes that I should not recover. For several days I have not been able to sit up much, and have been so weak that I could not endure that sound of the human voice. But the day before yesterday I was beginning to feel a little stronger, and today [I am] still better. I am up very early, for I have not slept past two

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