Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235], Page 111

is of heavenly birth, and nourish it as a heavenly plant. Stubbornness, which prevails to a fearful extent, must be broken up. The professed followers of Christ should no longer catch up little points of difference, meditating upon them, talking about them, and magnifying them until love is gone from the soul, as water from a leaky vessel. We must have the sanctifying influence of the grace of Christ in our hearts, else all our deeds will be as sounding brass and as a tinkling cymbal. 16MR 110.3

Will the people of God heed the voice of warning, and cultivate love? Will they lay aside their suspicions and jealousies? They cannot do this unless they fall all broken before God. Many have made, and are still making, great blunders. They love their own way so well that they will not surrender to God's way. Many have been convinced that they have grieved the Spirit of God by their resistance of light, but they hated to die to self, and deferred to do the work of humbling their hearts and confessing their sins. They would not acknowledge that the reproof was sent of God, or the instruction was from heaven, until every shadow of uncertainty was removed. They did not walk out into the light. They hoped to get out of difficulty in some easier way than by confession of sin, and Satan has kept hold of them, and tempted them, and they have had but feeble strength to resist him. 16MR 111.1

Evidence has been piled upon evidence, but they have been unwilling to acknowledge it. By their stubborn attitude they have revealed the soul malady that was upon them, for no evidence could satisfy them. Doubt, unbelief, prejudice, and stubbornness, killed all love from their souls. They demanded perfect assurance, but this is not compatible with faith. 16MR 111.2

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