Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235], Page 97

MR No. 1199—The Simplicity of Christ's Teaching

The simplicity of Christ's teaching was in harmony with the whole purpose and work of His earthly mission. 16MR 97.1

He came to draw all men unto Himself. He desired to uplift them from their earthliness and sensuality. And in order to accomplish this, He Himself came near to the fallen race. 16MR 97.2

For thousands of years men had been in thraldom to a degenerating power. Satan had perverted their conceptions of God and of the plan and work of salvation. He had brought their minds so fully under his control that every heavenly attribute had been well nigh destroyed. Of himself man had not one thought or impulse of a spiritual nature. He could do nothing to save himself. Only as Christ should draw him could he take one step in repentance or reform. 16MR 97.3

It was necessary that men should be brought to see this. They must look to Christ as their Helper. Then He could free them from Satan's control. He could impart to them those attributes of character which had been lost through sin. His grace would enable them to regain Eden. 16MR 97.4

The Truth, the Life, and the Light of the world was to find a place in the hearts of men. For this, Christ clothed His divinity with humanity. This was the only means by which He could reach humanity. “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” Christ became one with the human family. He spoke in the language of men. He bore with them their trials and their poverty. He ate with them at their tables, and shared their toils. Thus He assured them of His complete identification with humanity. 16MR 97.5

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