Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235], Page 180

MR No. 1211—Christ's Humiliation

Christ's humiliation is not understood and not appreciated. Forty days and nights Jesus was subjected to the temptations of the enemy—the one who was once an angel next to Christ in majesty and glory in the heavenly courts. It is stated, Thou wast exalted because of thy beauty, et cetera. But he wanted to have the place of Christ, and Christ was one with the Infinite God; and because this was not accorded him, he became jealous, and he was the originator of sin.

Satan wished to change the government of God, to fix his own seal to the rules of God's kingdom. Christ would not be brought into this desire, and here the warfare against Christ commenced and waxed strong. Working in secrecy but known to God, Lucifer became a deceiving character. He told falsehood for truth.

He was expelled from heaven, and apparently Christ was alone with him in the wilderness of temptation. Yet He was not alone, for angels were round Him just as angels of God are commissioned to minister unto those who are under the fearful assaults of the enemy. Christ was in the wilderness with the one with whom there was war in heaven, and the one whom He overcome; and Satan was defeated.

Now Satan meets Him under different circumstances, as the glory that was round about Him is no longer visible. He has humbled Himself, taken upon Himself our nature. And He came into the world to stand at the head of humanity whom Satan had deceived, and to fight His battles in behalf of the race whom Satan has deceived through his lying power. This whole effort was to draw

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