Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 119

MR No. 1257—Funds Needed to Establish Medical Institutions in Australia; Camp Meetings Planned

(Written September 11, 1899, to Josephine Gotzian, a generous friend in the United States.)

I am much burdened regarding the dearth of means which delays the opening of our Avondale Health Retreat. The principal part of the building is up, roofed, floored, and enclosed, but it is not plastered. And we are losing precious time, which ought to be filled with effective work in behalf of those for whom this building is erected.

I have done what I could to help this work along, as well as helping in many other enterprises of great importance to the advancement and honor of the cause, that demanded encouragement and assistance. The money which our brethren in California sent me in payment for the College stock that I took from Mrs. Scott was very soon distributed where it would count the most for the work of the Lord. Not one penny of it would I use for myself. All of it, and much more, has gone into the work.

Last year I gave $125 to the Stanmore meetinghouse and $100 to the meetinghouse in Windsor. This year I have given $250 to the meetinghouse in South Brisbane and $250 to the meetinghouse in Hamilton, Newcastle. I have invested five hundred pounds in the Avondale Health Retreat and $500 in the Sydney Sanitarium.

This present time is a most important time for the work in Australia, and not only for Australia but for the missionary work in the countries near Australia which should receive laborers from this field. The work in Australia is just struggling onto its feet, and as it becomes strong it will

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