Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 153

MR No. 1263—Testimony Regarding The Monterey, Michigan, Church

(Written June 6, 1863, from Otsego, Michigan. The names used in this release have been supplied.)

Last evening while engaged in family prayer at Brother Hilliard's, the blessing of the Lord rested upon us and I was taken off in vision. I was shown some things relating to the church at Monterey. It is Satan's object to divide and scatter them, and make them a proverb of reproach.

I was shown that Brother Day is walking blindly; his feet are stumbling. He must make “straight paths” for his feet, lest the “lame be turned out of the way” [Hebrews 12:13]. I was shown that Brother Day had manifested too much interest in the case of Sister Johnson. Many eyes are upon them. Brother Albert has not understood himself. He has not moved according to his usual good judgment and prudence. He has trusted too much to his own judgment, and already he has unwittingly injured the cause of truth which he has loved.

I was pointed back to the testimony given for Brother Albert some years since. I was then shown that Satan and those who despised our faith were watching, ready to exult over his downfall. I saw, Brother Albert, should you follow in the course upon which you have started, the triumph of unbelievers would be complete and your influence would be ruined. Already you have hurt the cause of truth. Already many are looking upon you with suspicion.

I was pointed back and shown the interest which you have manifested for Sister Johnson. It was, I saw, greater interest than you should have taken in her case or in any other one situated as she was. In the divorce your influence was too great. These things have injured you. Yet, if you had not taken the

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