Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 166

MR No. 1265—Minds of Committee Members to be Worked by the Holy Spirit; The Marks of Christlikeness

There are many things that should be conducted in a more serious way. There have been board meetings and council meetings where certain principles have been placed before the board and resolutions voted to be carried out. Elder Olsen has supposed that the matter would be conducted on correct principles, and he trusted matters too much to others to carry out. But there were unfaithful stewards in responsible positions who appeared to sanction the propositions but who had not the least intention of carrying them out. They would do the opposite of that which came before them for their decisions. Therefore wrongs were practiced and evils were carried out in untruthful, deceptive lines. 17MR 166.1

Some minds are not worked by the Holy Spirit. They are so constituted, through following their own human judgment and using common fire in their service as stewards of God, that their ways have been accepted as the Lord's ways, and solemn, sacred matters which relate to the various lines of work have been carried in altogether a different manner than the propositions made. One or more men gave assent to measures laid out before the board or councils, but all the time they decided they would have their own way and carry out the matter as they chose. This was the light presented to me. Elder Olsen's advisers were blinding his eyes so that he should see through the eyes of these men who were preaching under a deception. 17MR 166.2

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