Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 167

This is the reason I was obliged to take the position that there was not the voice of God in the General Conference management and decisions. Methods and plans would be devised that God did not sanction, and yet Elder Olsen made it appear that the decisions of the General Conference were as the voice of God. Many of the positions taken, going forth as the voice of the General Conference, have been the voice of one, two, or three men who were misleading the Conference. There were things in regard to Sunday work, in regard to the color line, and in regard to the Sentinel, that better never have been introduced in the Conference. The Lord did not preside in many meetings. There were some loud voices and urgent pressing of things that were backed by a will and determination that savored more of the common fire than the sacred. Plans were made that were all out of line with the unction or the leadings of the Spirit of God.

In regard to the Sunday question, we cannot handle it as a Conference. The circumstances that will arise will determine such questions. The Lord gives us light if we will seek for it by humble prayer. Wisdom and knowledge from heaven will come as to just when, how, and where we should work, when this light is needed. I am afraid of the many resolutions framed to come before the Conference, and acted upon without special seeking of the Lord. There have been resolutions brought into the Conference and without due consideration acted upon and made law, and many will pay no regard to these laws for they were found to be a binding about of our work and binding of false principles upon the conferences.

Young, inexperienced men who are unprepared rush ahead, not knowing whether they are right or wrong. Their wisdom is exalted above the wisdom of God. The Lord would have His people have real, genuine faith, for

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