Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 208

MR No. 1270—The Work in England; Leaders to Walk With Fear and Trembling Before God, Leading People to the Cross and the True Shepherd

(Written August 27, 1898, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, NSW, to “Dear Brother and Sister Prescott.”)

I have been very desirous that you should visit us in Australia again. It would be pleasing to us if for a time you could stand as principal of our school. I have hoped this might be. But again, I have desired that you might stand in the school at Battle Creek. Then Europe with all its necessities has come before me, and I have kept quiet, believing that you are in the place where you are most needed. England has had few enough laborers. It is a place where those who labor need to push at every step. You need to act as if you meant that something should give way and move. Aggressive warfare alone will prove successful. I am really pleased that you are there, and yet I would be so glad could you have carried our school through one term, if no more. God help you, is my most earnest prayer.

Present Truth is an important paper, and you are at home in working as best you can with that. The Lord would have advance moves made in England. He desires that a school shall be established there, and this no one can do as well as yourself.

Time is short, and that work which is essential must be done quickly. Satan has seen this, and he has worked with his deceptive, intriguing power to entangle everything in America so that the work that you and others could and should have done has been made impossible. And the work which should have been done in England has been blocked by the very same power that has swayed things

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