Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 24

MR No. 1238—Comments on the Incarnation of Christ

[In releasing this requested compilation the White Estate recognizes that it is incomplete and that other researchers might select a different group of statements. It also recognizes that the reader would be benefited by having more context for some of the statements. Although it is White Estate policy to release entire documents wherever feasible, in this instance the enormous number of pages involved make it impractical. If there is special interest in any of the statements, the Estate will be glad to release additional context.]

Comments on the Incarnation of Christ

The Son of God, who is the express image of the Father's person, became man's Advocate and Redeemer. He humbled Himself in taking the nature of man in his fallen condition, but he did not take the taint of sin.—Manuscript 93, 1893, 3.

He [Christ] came to bring moral power to man that he might overcome every sin, that he might become conqueror through Christ.—Manuscript 43a, 1894, p. 11.

Christ stooped to take man's nature that He might reveal God's sentiments toward the fallen race. Divinity and humanity combined were brought within the reach of all, that fallen man might reveal the image of God. Christ assumed our nature to counterwork Satan's false principles.—Manuscript 43, 1897, 2, 3.

By overcoming in man's behalf, He [Christ] was placing fallen man on vantage ground with God. In His human nature Jesus gave evidence that in every temptation wherewith Satan shall assail fallen man, there is help for him in God, if he will take hold of His strength, and through obedience make peace with Him. Jesus stood forth in human nature a conqueror in behalf of the fallen race.—Manuscript 49, 1897, 9.

As the world's Redeemer He [Christ] understands all the experiences that humanity must pass through.—Manuscript 128, 1897, 11.

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