Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 259

MR No. 1277—The Health Food Work in Sydney; Improvement in the Spiritual Climate of the St. Helena Sanitarium

(Written July 23, 1902, from “Elmshaven,” Sanitarium, California to Elder and Mrs. J. A. Burden.)

I meant to have written to you fully this mail, but I have had so many letters to write to others that you will have to be satisfied with a short letter this time.

I have begun letters to you no fewer than four times. But each time I would begin, the mail came, bringing letters demanding an immediate answer, until my mind has been so burdened that I have not been able to sleep past eleven, twelve, and one o'clock. I walk the floor, and ask the Lord to help me, and then after hours of distress I am able to sleep for an hour or two perhaps.

I am so glad that you are making a success of the health food work in Sydney. This is a very important work. Hold the position you have gained. Be sure to keep your hearts garrisoned by the Holy Spirit of God.

I must tell you that a very marked change has taken place in the sanitarium here. For more than a year I carried a very heavy burden for this institution. We would speak on the Sabbath from the Word with the power of God, and would learn afterward that at the close of the Sabbath a concert had been held, a meeting of the most foolish order, in which the nurses listened to unprofitable songs, and engaged in foolish conversation. Thus the influence of our effort on the Sabbath was counteracted.

I felt that those connected with the institution could be of no help to it unless they took hold of true medical missionary work in connection with the gospel message. Medical missionary work is to be carried forward in connection

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