Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 266

MR No. 1279—Conversations Between Ellen White, A. G. Daniells and Other Church Leaders Regarding the Work in Nashville

Consideration was next given to the work in Nashville. Among other things, was mentioned an interview published in a Nashville paper, in regard to the proposed work of the Dixie Health Food Company, and the effect this interview would naturally have upon the liberalities of our people.

Mrs. E. G. White: When I saw that sensational article in regard to what the Food Company in Nashville intended to do, I thought, I will say nothing on one side or on the other; this matter is beyond me. No matter what I should say, complaint would be made. God desires me to stand perfectly free from this whole matter, and I will.

I desire you to know that I regard the publication of this article in regard to the food work as a great mistake. It is not right.

A. G. Daniells: It is doing great harm.

Mrs. E. G. White: I have written all about this matter. I have not sent the manuscript yet because, since returning home, I have been sick. I wrote the manuscript while I was away from home.

A. G. Daniells: You see, it has been repeatedly published that the brethren in Nashville were not going into debt, and everybody has understood that a new order of things had set in, and that they were going to have an institution put up without debt; and so they have sent their money in. But now it is becoming known that the institution is badly in debt. For a long time the people did not know that there was a dollar of indebtedness on it. Besides, it has been managed so that thousands of dollars have been sunk just in operating.

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