Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 276

MR No. 1280—The Work in Nashville, Including the Health Food Business; Spiritual Interests To Be Paramount

I have a question to ask of those who are engaged in the health food work in Nashville. You have put your energies into this work, and have planned to get means for it. Was it not your duty, before doing this, to use all your powers in an effort to put on a proper basis the work already started in Nashville? You have lost the opportunity of showing by a wise example how other places are to be worked. Money that should have been used to place on a firm foundation the work already begun in Nashville has been invested in an enterprise which should have received more consideration before being started.

As our people come to understand how these things have been managed, will they be encouraged to invest means in the work in Nashville? Those who have put money into the health food work there should have reasoned from cause to effect. They should have asked the Lord for power to see clearly what was most needed to be done. With the present showing, it will be three times more difficult to raise means for the work in Nashville than it would otherwise have been.

Angels were hovering about Nashville to lend the human workers power to rise higher in the work of self-sacrifice and to become indeed laborers together with God. The Lord desired these workers to use every jot of their influence to make the work in Nashville an example of the work that may be done in other cities of the South. He desired the work done in the South to be an object lesson for the instruction of those who are building up the work in new places. Had the workers realized this, how carefully they would have weighed every plan

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