Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 281

something tangible. Such things would bring into the sanitarium the leaven of evil.

Secure, if possible, humble men and women as workers for the sanitarium. At one time I thought that Dr. Kellar would connect with this institution, but neither he nor his wife are obtaining the experience that the physicians connected with this institution should have. Every physician and every helper in other lines in the sanitarium should have a genuine religious experience.

Those who are children of God will work the works of God. But he who shuts the Holy Spirit away from his life should not be brought into connection with the sanitarium. The workers are to be carefully chosen and then tried. Those who cannot bear the test should not be encouraged to stay. Workers who are loath to fulfill the requirements of God's Word will be vacillating, sometimes serving the Lord and sometimes serving the wicked one.

I see that many difficulties present themselves before you. But you cannot afford to run any risks. Those who are by themselves in families have opportunity to connect with them those who need spiritual help, and to work for them. But it is different in a sanitarium, where so many are brought together.

We reason, We must take men as they are, not waiting for them to become as they ought to be; and make them better if we can, remembering their infirmities. But we are not to forget the object for which our sanitariums are established. It is that the light of truth may be shed abroad, that the sick and suffering who come may receive physical and spiritual healing. How carefully, then, should the workers for such an institution be chosen. Every word and act of each worker exerts an influence either for good or for evil.

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