Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 341

MR No. 1296—The Evil of Gossiping About Fellow Church Members; The Importance of Pressing Together and Maintaining Unity

(Written June 2, 1852, from Rochester, New York, “To the Brethren and Sisters in Jackson.”)

[It has been] a few nights since the Lord gave me a vision and showed me the state of things in the West. I saw it was dark, dark, dark, and that laborers were needed there.

I saw that Brother Bowles had gotten out of his place and thought he had a great work to do when he had not. I also saw that he thought his work was of a great deal more importance than it really was. I saw that some fanciful views, which were of no special importance, had been pressed by Brother Bowles until some who would have received the truth have been pushed off.

I was pointed back and saw [that] when the trouble arose in Jackson, much of it was caused by not following the Bible rule. There was too much talking over brother's or a sister's faults among the band or church, and the brother that was thought to be in the wrong [was] kept in ignorance that any trial was existing in the minds of others concerning him until his [supposed] faults had been talked over and over by nearly all the church. He felt the coldness of his brothers and sisters but knew not the cause until it broke out all of a sudden, and he [was] made aware of what had been going on. Then the confidence that he had previously had in his brethren was shaken, his love for them was weakened, and a breach was made at once in the band that was previously united.

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