Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 348

MR No. 1299—Locating Sanitariums Away from the Cities; Health-Care Workers to be Deeply Spiritual

(Written March 14, 1902, at “Elmshaven, California.)

In the visions of the night I have been writing letters, and I dare not put off longer the work to be done. Night after night I am awakened at eleven, twelve, and one o'clock with a message from the Lord, and I arise at once and begin to write, fearing that if I do not, I shall forget the instruction given me.

Thus it was when I was at Los Angeles. In the night season I was in a council meeting, and the question under consideration was the establishment of a sanitarium in Southern California. One brother urged that it would be best to have the sanitarium in the city of Los Angeles, and he pointed out the objections to establishing the sanitarium out of the city.

There was among us One who presented this matter very clearly and with the utmost simplicity. He told us that it would be a mistake to establish a sanitarium within the city limits. A sanitarium should have the advantage of plenty of land, so that the invalids can work in the open air. For nervous, gloomy, feeble patients, out-of-door work is invaluable. Let them have flowerbeds to care for. In the use of rake and hoe and spade, they will find relief for many of their maladies. Idleness is the cause of many diseases.

It need not be thought that there will be any disadvantage in establishing a sanitarium outside of the city. The establishment of a sanitarium ten, twenty, or even thirty miles from a city can not fail to be an advantage in

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