Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 38

MR No. 1240—Week of Prayer in San Francisco; Visit to an SDA Vegetarian Restaurant

Friday, December 21, [1900], I left St. Helena for San Francisco, where I was to spend the Week of Prayer. I was taken to the home of Dr. Mattner, where I was made every comfortable.

On Sabbath morning I went to the church, intending to speak. I found two stoves in the meeting room, one on either side midway between the door and the pulpit. Fires were burning in each of these. Sabbath school had just been held in the room, and, owing to the imperfect ventilation, the atmosphere was very impure. I felt the effect of this as soon as I entered. My heart began to pain. I could not breathe freely and I knew that exhaustion was coming over me.

I said to Elder Corliss, “I know that I cannot speak this morning.” He was greatly disappointed, and asked me if I would venture to speak in the afternoon. I said that I thought I could, and, as nothing had been said before about an afternoon meeting, he put the question to the people. They unanimously decided to have a meeting.

I would have left the church then, but I thought Sara had gone, so I sat down in a chair in the stand. I pressed close behind the organ, fearing that I might fall from my chair and create a sensation. I did not attempt to walk out by myself, for I feared that I could not do it. Presently a hand was laid on my shoulder, and Sara said, How is it, Mother?” I cannot describe the relief that came to me to know that Sara was there. She helped me into the open air, and immediately I felt better.

I lay down as soon as I could get to my room, and while I rested I asked

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